Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dr Montoya on CFIDS/CFS/M.E.

If you do nothing else today please watch this video. If you're fogged be aware it's long (over an hour); you may need to split it into bite-sized chunks.

"... the fact that behavioural intervention means the patient gets better by no means means that this condition is psychological in nature" Quoting from the PACE study published in Feb 2011.

" I had a very sad conversation with a family member of a patient who was doubting that [my] patient had the disease and she cited this study to say that now there was proof that CFS was psychological and that with psychological intervention the patients could get cured. This is far from true from the actual findings of this study."

I wish the people in charge of health care and benefits would watch this, but even if they did they would discount it because to understand and accept this would cost money.

Highlights include acknowledging that this disease (or something very like it) has been recognised by the medical profession since the 1800s. My personal favourite quote is where he says that he has a dream that one day the medical profession as a whole will apologise to those with CFIDS/M.E for not believing them and not validating the illness.

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